2004.02.17 Press Release

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- BioFlorida, the state's premier association representing the biosciences industries in Florida, today announced the selection of its new President, Diana Robinson. Chairman of BioFlorida's Board of Directors John Rogers said, "We are delighted to have Diana join us. Her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm will be instrumental in building on the strong success we've established in our early years."

Robinson comes to BioFlorida from San Francisco, California, where her career includes working with venture funds, venture capitalists, independent trade associations and national corporations, among others. "I am very excited about joining BioFlorida. I look forward to working with our members, legislators, and other partners to advance the goals of our association and the biosciences industries in Florida," said Robinson.

BioFlorida, Inc. represents the biotechnology and life sciences industries in Florida. Its mission is to serve its members by promoting the biosciences in Florida, creating a favorable business and legislative environment. The association provides the platform for business, academia and government to work jointly to support and encourage development of existing companies in the state and to attract new business and organizations to Florida.

BioFlorida brings together leaders from oceanography, agricultural centers, medical foundations, and pharmaceutical corporations along with universities, private and public research facilities and service providers to those organizations, to focus on advancing biosciences industries in Florida. BioFlorida serves as a resource to members by:

* Providing an infrastructure for information exchange for companies, investors, universities, incubators and service providers.

* Providing education to assist biotechnology and life science companies to meet their challenges.

* Promoting interaction between members and research community, both private and governmental.

* Advocating legislative action at the state and federal level, which is in the best interest of members.

The membership association has three regional chapters, North Central Florida, South East Florida, and greater Tampa Bay serving its members. Membership is open to any biosciences company, researcher or service provider.

For more information about BioFlorida visit the website at http://www.bioflorida.com/, or contact President Diana Robinson by email at diana@bioflorida.com or by calling 561.504.6735.

About the bioscience industry: Florida's health and biotechnology industries encompass all entities operating in the state whose business activities involve the life sciences. Those include medical research and discovery, device and pharmaceutical manufacturing, education, service and the manufacture and sale of related products, among others.

The growth of Florida's life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical research industries are rapidly positioning Florida as a player in the biosciences world. Florida is the nation's fourth largest populated state and is third in the consumption of pharmaceutical products.

CONTACT: Debbie Mason of BioFlorida, Inc., +1-850-578-2119, dmason@strategistsinc.com

Web site: http://www.bioflorida.org/