Funding/Investor/VC strategies

Be particular, be very particular

Jill Conner Browne

Not all money is created equal. Be very skeptical of what you read and hear. It is fundamentally important to your company’s future, your employees’ future, your product’s future and your life to understand the true cost and real benefit of “money”. While it can be difficult to remember when you are stressing about making payroll, there is a true, real and tangible benefit to “quality” money and quality partners.

How to choose the right investor(s) and evaluate the investment firm, the investment team, investors’ style, cut through the facade, and read between the lines.

How to understand and know:
• What you give up
• What you keep
• What is left
• What benefits you get
• What do you lose
• What it could mean in the short, mid and long term