2004.06.01 BioPharm International Press Release

Site Expansion - Regional Round-Up: Florida
Jun 1, 2004
BioPharm International

Key cities and populations Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach: 5,255,805; Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater: 2,535,439; Orlando: 1,829,219; Jacksonville: 1,185,201
Targeted industries Life sciences, information technology, aviation/aerospace, homeland security/defense, financial/professional services; visit www.eflorida.com/keysectors.
Biopharm employment 4,177 (NAICS code: 3254 — Pharm. & Medicine Mfg.)
Academia affiliated with biopharm industry Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Florida State University, University of Florida, University of South Florida
Primary business strengths Favorable business tax climate; no state personal income tax; affordable, diverse, and highly-skilled workforce; worldwide connectivity; excellent quality of life; visit www.eflorida.com/businessadvantages
Tax and other incentives Targeted industry incentives: qualified target industry tax refund, high impact performance incentive grant, qualified defense contractor tax refund, capital investment tax credit; Workforce training incentives: quick response training incentives, incumbent worker training program, economic development transportation fund; special opportunity incentives: rural incentives, urban incentives, enterprise zone incentives, brownfield incentives; visit www.eflorida.com/financialadvantages
BioClusters Sid Martin Biotechnology Development Incubator: David L. Day, interim president, 386.462.0880, fax 386.462.0875;

The Scripps Research Institute: Temporary Lab Space, Florida Atlantic University, 561.297.3000
State commitment to biopharm industry and future plans for its growth Florida provided a large and unique incentive package (state & local) totaling $510 million to bring The Scripps Research Institute to Florida. The Scripps Research Institute, one of the world?s largest biomedical research institutes, has recently chosen Florida as the location for its second major research facility. It is estimated that an additional 6,500 direct and indirect jobs will be created as a result of the industry clustering that is expected to take place surrounding the Scripps Florida nucleus.
State- and regional-level contacts BioFlorida: Diana Robinson, president, www.bioflorida.com;
Enterprise Florida, Inc.: Darrell Kelley, president, 407.316.4600, fax 407.316.4599, jdkelley@eflorida.com;

Sid Martin Biotechnology Development Incubator: David L. Day, interim president, 386.462.0880, fax 386.462.0875;

Florida High-Tech Corridor: Randy Berridge, president, 407.562.1910, fax 407.562.1717;

InternetCoast: Michael Corbit, executive director, 561.835.1008, mcorbit@internetcoast.com, www.internetcoast.com