2005.10.19 Broward Sun-Sentinel Press Release

BioFlorida Chief Ready To Put Her Stamp On Growth

10/19/2005 5:10:41 PM

Diana Robinson knows she's taking a gamble. The new president of BioFlorida moved in March from her native San Francisco -- the birthplace of biotechnology -- to a state in which major biotech development is more of a dream than reality. But she thinks she's onto a sure bet. "The commitment I saw in Florida, from the governor on down, was a key factor in my decision," Robinson said in a recent interview at the organization's new West Palm Beach office. Robinson will steer BioFlorida's efforts to promote a favorable business and legislative environment for biotechnology companies in the state. The 8-year-old organization, which recently moved from the Gainesville area to be closer to the eventual Scripps Research Institute site, also encourages collaboration among businesses, universities and government agencies to encourage development of existing biotech companies and bring new ones to the state.